Publishing on the Internet
- a new way to be seen

The Internet can be used in many ways, e.g. for

... we can make the list long and there are already many companies using Internet in these ways!

But there are many companies that present just a "business card" and fragmentary or out-of-date information on "the net". Sometimes with email-addresses where nobody answers. Sometimes with a way to order more information - which appears after two weeks... Why did this happen?

Perhaps because it feels tiresome to write. Tiresome to really think through how to use the net. Tiresome to collect good information and publish it in a clear way. Tiresome to keep it updated. Tiresome to tidy up the site from news published last summer... Time, energy, capacity and attention may not suffice or last. The image of a company suffers!

The short-term effects are trivial. The long term effects are devastating if a competitor is given the opportunity to expand. Because the Internet is growing fast. More and more companies start to use the Internet as an integrated part of their marketing.

What to include in your Internet pages?

May be, a visitor of your pages is searching for some sort of information - he (or she) wants to know something. Perhaps he is searching for technical data about one of your products. It is indeed important that he finds what he is searching. Otherwise he will start searching at the site of another company.

May be, he is only interested in your products in general! Then, might be, he can be more closely tied to your company if he finds articles of interest to him. If you are selling machines for sawmills, then it may be an advantage to tell about machines of past times or to show photos from old sawmills. Or to inform about modern methods used in the business today. Or to have a dictionary online with technical terms in several languages. Even young school children and students are searching information on the net. Supplying them with information will strengthen your name and trademark and that is of value in the long term. And, it is important that they find the information at your site and not at one of your competitors!

Programming for the Internet?

Publishing on the Internet requires more than a talent for writing. As an attraction, these pages contain a lot of photos and some information on photo editing. To publish as many photos as here using e.g. Frontpage would be a very big piece of work and would cost us a lot of time whenever we wanted to change something. Therefore we have written our own programs to create the photo galleries. Those programs are used to automatically generate the .html files with a lot of Javascript code from very simple lists with just filenames and some text. Then all links will be correct and it is easy to make changes.
This technique can also be used to publish small product catalogues.

About our services

We are professionally writing and compiling text. For us, the Internet is partly just a new medium for publishing those texts and illustrations that we have always been working with. Lars-Åke´s background as a programmer is an advantage when building systems for the Internet.

Please contact us for a discussion about what we could do (together) to make your Internet pages a really selling instrument for your company.

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