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Since 1985 we have been writing Handbooks and Operating Instructions for our customers. Commonly, we write in English but also in Swedish and German as necessary. We are engineering professionals experienced in research, development and the associated writing and reporting. From always having to learn and use new machines, instruments and programs, we thoroughly know the difference between good and bad documentation.

Flashing lamps, spinning wheels or bouncing objects on a home page may not make a visitor buy and use a product. Either that person wants to do something on the page like ordering a product. Or he (or she) wants to throw some light upon a question to investigate. May be, he wants to know something about the product or just something in connection with it. Will he now find what he is looking for or will he end up searching at the site of one of the competitors?
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If you are selling advanced and complicated machines or programs, then you need handbooks! The handbook is a part of your product!
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About us

Cybis is run as a family business, just now with two employees.

Lars-Åke Larsson Lars-Åke Larsson has a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 1967. Until 1981 he worked with computer electronics, software development and simulations within various research teams at the Swedish National Institute of Defence. Since 1981 he runs his own business. Lars-Åke works mainly as a programmer (e.g. Visual Basic) but also as a technical writer.

Lars-Åke is an amateur photographer and an expert in digital imaging. He is also a collector of historical photos. Together with Petra he has arranged several exhibitions with such photos.

Petra Ossowski Larsson Petra Ossowski Larsson has a PhD in organic chemistry (1981) from the University of Hamburg. During her studies in chemistry she was also working part- and full-time as a teacher at a senior high school for seven years. Petra came to Sweden in 1981 to work at the University of Stockholm as a guest research-worker. Later, she was employed as a masspectroscopist at the Swedish Tobacco Company. Since 1985 she has been working as a technical writer at Cybis.

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We offer production of easy to understand text with illustrations in English, Swedish and German for publication on the Internet, on CD or on paper. We do not need any finished manuscripts. We write the text after interviews and discussions with your marketing people, your engineers, technicians or after running your equipment.

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Petra Ossowski Larsson

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