A visit to Nämdö in December 1998.

In the beginning of December 1998 it was some snow in the area around Stockholm. We went out to Nämdö to look after a few things.
After the winter feeding in September, I mounted some chicken-wire (wire netting) in front of the hive entrances. Otherwise the great titmouse (a small bird) will have a very good time at the expense of my bees: Knock, knock at the entrance and a bee comes out. That is a great diet for the great titmouse. And so it goes on...
In the afternoon we took a walk to Östanvik to see Albert and to look at the animals.
Finally the barn was repaired during the last fall. "Skärgårdsstiftelsen", a public service organization, owns this farm but Albert Matsson and Camilla Strandman are running the farm. Their animals are important "landscape nurses and landscape architects". The animals keep the landscape open.
The logs in front of the barn are meant for a new bridge.
Inside the barn we met Albert. He had a lot of manure to clean up and he also had to feed the cows. The sheep are out and they have already been fed.
The chickens live in a big cage in a section of the barn.
Here you can buy tasty and absolutely fresh eggs!
When I walk back home the sheep look surprised and curious at me.
The next morning the weather has cleared up - it is not snowing any longer. A couple of bullfinches are eating rowan-berries outside our window. It is Sunday and it is time to gather our things and return to Stockholm.

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