Animals in a pasture-land

Nämdö is one of the larger islands east of Stockholm. There is no bridge to Nämdö and no car ferry service to the island. Though the ferries of "Waxholmsbolaget" run daily between the mainland and Nämdö all year round. Not very often during the winter - perhaps once a day.... A large part of the island is owned by Skärgårdsstiftelsen a public service organization. On that area there is a farm "Östanvik" where Albert Matsson and his wife Camilla Strandman run the farm.
Camilla is just now ready with unloading the hay-cart and all the hey is now in the hey-loft... Here she is about to take the hey tedder to make windrows of hey so that they may be gathered.
Albert and Per-Gustaf (our youngest son) are feeding lambs who have no mother to feed them. Sometimes the ewe (the sheep mother) gets too many lambs so that there is not enough milk for the lambs. Or she does not like her lamb for some reason. In such cases a lamb may turn into a bottle baby...
The animals are important as nurses and architects for the landscape. There are both sheep and cows at Östanvik.
In the summer, many of these animals are sent out to pasture on the small islands outside Nämdö to keep the landscape open.
"Mossen" looks like a lowland field between "Östanvik" and "Långvik". Mossen was formerly a lake which was lately drained. Possibly that lake was used as a water power reservoir already in the 18th century. In the beginning of the 20th century it was completely drained. But the lower parts are nowadays very wet and swampy.
These are fields at the old farm of "Västanvik". The fields are farmed by Albert and Camilla. These fields are shown as fields in an old map from 1638. So this is not new farming land.
Now we are back at the fields of the "Östanvik" farm. These fields are laying along the main road just south of the barn at Östanvik.
Albert is on his way out with the tractor and a cart to collect hey.

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