Uncheck members alread in ... and Changed members

Last update 15 March 2023
  • The command Uncheck members already in target collection is now available also on a button (to the left of the "Time lines" diagram button). This is a useful command when you copy sample members between several collections.

    Usage e.g.: All samples stored in collection A. Some of them have been copied to collection B. Now you want a collection C with only those members not in B, i.e. "C = A - B" Set collection B as your target. From collection A you order "Uncheck members already in target collection". After that you copy those still checked members in A into a new empty collection (C)! When working like this, the "Invert check" button is also very useful.

  • Like with the CDendro Windowslist, changed samples and collections are now marked with an asterix, "*", in front of their names.

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