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  Updated 23 March 2022
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Try Buy or Upgrade to CDendro & CooRecorder9.8.1
What's new in
version 9.x?
A user testimony!
What's new in version 9.8?
Background and history of CDendro&CooR. A video

Debate & research:

Using CooRecorder to measure tree ring widths, blue channel data or plotted curves

Crossdating with CDendro Video tutorial!
Where to start reading about the programs?
Setting up CDendro
Match sample to reference curve Includes a demo of "the piled correlation diagram"
Matching two samples
Make a collection of samples
Taking care of .pos-files from CooRecorder New!
Dendrochronology, curve matching and mathematics Important!
Detrending, Normalization, Discrimination and Autocorrelation For experienced dendro users!

More on using CDendro:
Setting year date
Decadal files
The WindowsList
Synchronizing a collection - Add best members.. About semi-automatic crossdating
Test Towards (Un)dated ref for dating Revised!
Matching members of two collections to each other New!
Handling Zero rings
A missed ring
Various Tips
Curve plotting, Vert.rulers, BlockCorr, Trend, Density, CC function
Fooled by narrow rings and the normalization method
Simple edit on the Workbench (from ver9.5)

More on methodology
Multi-radii collections
Comment handling + Change id
More on synchronizations
What is a good TTest value?
Various data formats
Latewood and Earlywood
On Gleichläufigkeit
Measure bark separately Free download!

Import/Export of data
Example of export/import of data
Import tabular data

Skeleton plotting
A demo with skeleton plotting
On Skeleton plots
(Skeleton plot techniques)

If you are new to dendrochronology
CDendro & CooRecorder
Dendrochronology and history   (Swedish)
Your tools
Where is a reference curve?

Download CDendro help files

Old Scotch pines
Some old houses   (Swedish ver.)
Östanvik, Nämdö (only Swedish)
Västanvik, Nämdö   (Swedish ver.)
Various dated objects
Two crofts   (Swedish ver.)

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