Import of single column data to CDendro

A ring width column can easily be imported. See that you set zero into the field marked ”8” and see that you save as a .wid file. Note, that the column data may be interpreted as having EndYear on top or on bottom of the column.
"Import a single column of data from a table" allows not only plain import (as for ring widths) but also of first adding an offset to the data to e.g. make all values > 0. This can be used in a case when data is given as a positive or negative deviation from a mean value, while we want to display it as if it were (all-positive) ring width data.
After you click "Read input column", the value range of the data will be displayed so that you can decide on how much to add. (In this case 5.0)
In this case we got two .wid files which look almost the same when displayed in CDendro. Note that the green curve is displayed with the checkbox "Ind. ring-w scaling" checked.

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