The Steam Ship´s day 13 May 2000

The water is "Stockholms Ström" or just "Strömmen" (the Stream). To the left you have the dock "Skeppsbrokajen", to the right the dock "Stadsgårdskajen". The houses to the left are part of the old town (Gamla Stan). On the other side of the water to the left you can see the island "Skeppsholmen" (the ships island). Behind that island and to the right you can see "Djurgården" (the animal garden) where you have an amusement park (a carnival) "Gröna Lund" and the open-air museum "Skansen". At the dock "Skeppsbrokajen" there is a terminal for small ferries going to Djurgården. But you may as well take a walk there along the docks: Skeppsbron, Blasieholmen, Strandvägen.
We have strolled a bit down towards the dock Skeppsbron and we are looking backwards. Behind and under the steps you see the entrance to the lock "Karl Johans-slussen". Through that lock you can enter lake Mälaren with a yacht. The water level of lake Mälaren is only two feet above the level of the sea.
The white ferry is one of the modern ferries to "Djurgården". They are running to and fro all the year round.
This is the ferry to "Gröna Lund", but you may as well take the white ferry.
"Djurgården 3" is an old coal-heated steam ferry, built in 1897. The ferry is owned by a non-profit association "Stiftelsen Skärgårdsbåten", which also owns the steam ship "Mariefred" and the small steam launch "Tärnan".
Today is "The Steam Ship's day". Several steamers are gathered at the dock at the foot of "Slottsbacken" (the uphill at the royal palace) around the statue of king Gustav III. That's where we are going. We could take the steam ferry, but let us take a walk!
The boat with the red funnel is the steamer s/s Stockholm owned by the shipping company Strömma Kanalbolaget. In 1931-1958 this was the mail-steamer "Öland" (built in 1931) running betweeen the city of Kalmar and the island of Öland in the time when there was no bridge to Öland. Today the steamer is completely renovated.
The after-deck of s/s Stockholm.
The old steam engine is still in order but new diesel engines have been installed as a complement.
From the upper deck of s/s Stockholm we took a photo of the rear part of the steam ship Saltsjön (built in 1925).
The steam ships are laying together along the dock around the statue of king Gustav III. To the left s/s Drottningholm (1909). At her side s/s Storskär (1908), owned by the shipping company "Waxholmsbolaget".
Next to s/s Storskär we have s/s Blidösund (1911) and s/s Mariefred (1903). These two ships are equipped with coal-heated boilers which give their immediate neighbourhoods a very special smell.
s/s Mariefred, the after-deck.
The upper deck of s/s Mariefred.
When strolling along the dock we had a lot of joy from listening to "Blommans Dixielandband" ...
... and also from listening to Bengt "Cello" Persson who played the steam organ (a calliope) at s/s Ejdern with an exceptional sound level.
After playing for a little while it was quite out of tune and did not at all sound like a nightingale.
Sveriges Jazzband was playing at the foredeck of s/s Blidösund.
Many people. All boats open for visitors. All ships had steam up and everybody was allowed to descend into the engine rooms for a visit.
And you were even allowed to use the steam whistle! (Some people did.)
We continued our stroll along the dock "Skeppsbron".
In the background the dock "Stadsgårdskajen" and the heights of "Södermalm" with all the buildings.
This is one of Waxholmsbolaget´s most recent ships. It is one in a chain of similar ships.
After strolling over the bridge to "Skeppsholmen" we took photos of the ships from the other side of the water with the royal palace and the old town in the background.
The steamer s/s Stockholm.
The royal palace and the old steam ships.

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