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For fun

Last update: 21 May 2016
About us

  • For beekeepers CBeeWing
  • Dendrochronology
  • About birch sap and pollen allergy
  • Photography:
    How to get your family pictures into your PC.

    Cordwood constructions

    Photo galleries:
    The steamship's day 2000
    The ferry-boats day 1972
    Small sailing ships today
    Automn sailing: Saltkråkan race
    Skansen autumn fair With accordion players and music!
    The blue train to Saltsjöbaden
    Motorvagn 15
    With a steam engine train to Saltsjöbaden
    From Per Lindroos´ sketch-book
    Stockholm harbour 1956
    Stockholm harbour part 2
    Southern Stockholm 1899-1905
    Dad on the sailing ship Beatrice 1925/26
    Dad at sea, 1926-1936

    The yacht club and Saltsjöbaden:
    Photos from the yacht club
    Early spring
    The yacht club in old days
    Spåret till Pålnäsviken
    Fishing on the ice in 1955
    Wooden boats
    Neglinge ångbåtsbrygga

    A technique to cut a big tree

    From Nämdö:
    About Nämdö
    The church at Nämdö
    The lost church ship
    Landscape guardians and architects
    The hey harvest at Östanvik
    A. Funke, the schoolmaster
    In Västergötland 1908
    Farming in old days
    Valter berättar...
    Summer, sun and skerries
    Odd ? boats
    A visit to Nämdö in the winter
    Bengtssons handelsbod

    Note: There are some more items in the Swedish version!

    An old train wagon:
    Föreningen Motorvagnens Vänner


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