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Buy CBeewing and CooRecorder for Windows

Price: CBeeWing + CooRecorder for Windows TOGETHER 65 US$(excl any VAT if applicable)

You can order this program set from the US company who is my distributor after Emetrix closed its selling activities.

You can pay by credit card (e.g. VISA - online, by fax or by phone) or by using PAYPAL.

When  you have paid you will receive an email with a download-link to the installation program together with your registration keys.
When paying by card this is normally a very quick and automatic process!

Purchase CBeeWing+CooRecorder from

You always get the download information directly by email!

There is a Registration Backup Service availble from SWREG. With this service, SWREG retains a backup copy of your registration code, for a period of a year, should you need it again in the event of loss, a computer crash, virus, etc. This service is already included on the order form. If you do not need it, you should remove/uncheck it from the form!

Paying by card to SWREG is the fastest way to get the programs!

Paying by card is also the best way to avoid difficulties with e.g. wire transfers where ordering information sometimes is not properly included. In such cases SWREG may run into problems of connecting your transfered money with your order - which sometimes implies a delivery delay!

If you want to contact directly, go to the order form and scroll down to the rightmost bottom corner. There you will find a link to contact information.

Please notice the .org in the internet address of, as there is another company operating with a .com address!

If there is anything unclear, please email me at

TRIAL versions of BeeWing and CooRecorder

Both programs are available as TRIAL versions. Though these are "wing clipped" :-) as CooRecorderTRIAL can only save coordinates for at most  seven wings and CBeeWingTRIAL can only show at most seven wings in the diagrams. But these versions give you a chance to test before you decide to purchase the full versions! Though each program does not cost more than a book...

Downloading the TRIAL-versions of CBeeWing+CooRecorder
Download the TRIAL versions of CBeeWing+CooRecorder (3.8 MB) (Current version 19 April 2005)
Version upgrade: Cubital Index, Ci, can now go as high as 6 which is now also the upper limit for Carnica!

Installation:When you have downloaded the installation program, double-click on its name or icon in Windows Explorer and follow the instructions.

If you compare with results from another program:
Be aware that the measurement points for a wing might not be ordered in the same way for that program as for CooRecorder/CBeeWing!

With best regards/Lars-Åke Larsson
Cybis Elektronik & Data AB, Sweden

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